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Guidelines Of Signal, Power & Latching Relay

  This article states the basic information about the electromagnetic relays, and also lists the principles of selecting them and cautions about applications.
   Generally the parameters in the instructions in the catalogue are the measured initial values under the standard, which are as follows, unless otherwise stated.
   1) temperature: 15℃ to 35℃
   2) relative humidity: 25% to 75%
   3) air pressure: 86kPa to 106kPa

   Generally the drawings stated in the catalogue is the first quadrant projection way as shown in figure 1, unless otherwise stated.

                   Figure 1
   Chapter 1 The Basic Terminologies Of Relays
    1. Contact Parameters (the output of the relays)
   2. Characteristics Parameters
   3. Coil Parameters (the input of the relays)
   4. Safety Approval
   5. The Ordering Marks
   6. Outline Dimensions, Wiring Diagram And Mounting Hole Size
   7. Characteristics Curves
   8. Monostable, Latching And Polarized Relays

  Chapter 2 The Selection Principles Of Relays
    1. Contact Parameters
    2. Coil
    3. Performances
    4. Temperture
    5. Outline And Mounting
    6. Others

  Chapter 3 Precautions For Relays Applications
    1. Precautions For The Contacts
    2. Precautions For The Coil
    3. Performances
    4. Environments
    5. Outline And Mounting
    6. Other Precautions

  Chapter 4 Quick Zoom Table For Failure

  Chapter 5 Ordering Marks

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